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Near Threshold Operation:

CMOS transistor are most energy efficient just above threshold voltage. Realsilicon has put together foundation IP including SRAM and associated Analog IP to enable near threshold voltage operation of IC. This provides very low power operation suitable for all portable devices more particularly for IoT devices.


Adaptive Speed Technology:

Realsilicon IP would support adaptive speed operation where applications would be able to change clock frequency of ICs alongwith the Vdd.This would be supported without help of software (application or OS) allowing ICs to scale speed of operation seamlessly. This technology allows conservation of energy allowing more battery life for portable devices.


Fast Wake-Up and Go-to-sleep technology:

Ics that support sleep or deep sleep mode tak long time to go to sleep and wake up.Quite often the time taken to wake up from sleep mode or go to sleep mode is no longer than time the devices spends awake. This causes lots of wastage of power. Realsilicon's combination of physical IP, power management and digitalIP provide very fast wake-up and go-to-sleep operation to provide long battery life.


Leakage Reduction Technology

Realsilicon's leakage reduction technology uses negative gate biasing technique to provide significant leakage reduction in any CMOS circuit in any CMOS prosess node.Using this technology, transistors are always in sleep mode and wake up seamlessly only when they need to switch. It is well known fact that when a device is awake, more than 99 transistors in any IC at any given time are idle - leaking. RealSilicon's leakage reduction technology increases battery life by 2x compared to any imlplementation - even the ones that already use aggressive leakage reduction technologies.

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